Screen Monitor- monitor what others do on your  computer

Screen Monitor- monitor what others do on your computer

What is Screen Monitor?
Screen Monitor is tool software that can monitor what others do on your computer.
It can periodically capture screen shots, and determine whether the same as
the last screenshot, if different, save the screenshot.
How to install?
You don’t need install. Only unzip, then run the sm.exe.
How to start monitoring?
Very simple, just click on the ‘Start Monitor’ button, and then click ‘Hide’ button.
How to view monitoring results?
First came to your computer, press Ctrl+Alt+v or once again run the software,
when this software main window appears, click the ‘View monitor content’
button, you will be able to see the monitoring results.
Legal declaration
This software can only be used to monitor your own computer, please ensure
that  it is not used for illegal purposes, otherwise all the consequences of your
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