How to draw prizes with employees' photos at the company's annual meeting?

The annual meeting of the company is an interactive party that gives benefits to employees and leaves a deep impression on customers. The lucky draw is an indispensable part of the annual meeting of each company. It can make the atmosphere of the annual meeting more active.
Here is an interesting way to draw a lucky draw with the photos of the guests. This is an interesting idea. You can use a software called Photo Lucky Draw to realize this idea.

First download and install Photo Lucky Draw, then collect all the guests’ photos before the annual meeting and copy them into a folder. Run Photo Lucky Draw to import these photos. If the photos are large, the software can compress them automatically. Then, connect the projector, if there is a mouse function of the laser pointer is even better, the party process, to the lottery link, click on the Start button, the screen will randomly scroll guest’s photos, click on the Draw button, the winner will appear, very simple, but also very fun.

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