Camera Auto Recognition QR code

Introduction to Functions

This software uses a computer camera to monitor the existence of QR codes. If the QR codes are detected, the system will automatically take photos and save them in the specified folder with the specified name.

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At the same time, the system can automatically take photos and save the file name in the form of prefix + time + card number to the specified folder when swiping the IC or ID card.

Installation and first use

First, run setup.exe in the package, then click the installation button on the screen that appears. The system will install and run automatically. Select Options – > Show Options in the menu bar. On the left side of the main screen, a “Monitor Options” screen appears. Click on the “Auto Start” Check Box and the “Auto Monitor ing” Check Box, and set other Options items: Select the camera. Set the storage location, resolution, image identification of the monitoring picture, pay attention to the resolution should not be too large to exceed the scope of camera support, in addition, too large resolution will lead to too large picture volume, which is not conducive to monitoring agility. Click the save button and restart the system again and it will automatically enter the monitoring state.

After showing the Options screen, click on the Options in the menu bar again, and the “Show Options ” just now becomes Hidden Options . Click on it to hide the Options screen.

When the Options screen is displayed, the card-swiping camera monitoring will stop automatically.

This system needs the support of. NET Framework 4.7.2.

When you click on the “Auto Start” check box, some anti-virus software may prompt you whether to stop, do not choose to stop, should choose to allow.

Operating environment

· Operating system: Windows 7/8/10;

· To run this program, you must install. NET Framework 4.7.2.

· USB interface HD camera;

· USB interface contactless ID card reader(optional);


When the system recognizes the existence of QR codes in the current surveillance video, it will take photos and save the file name format as follows: custom prefix _YYYMMDD_HHMMSS_fff.jpg (or. png) and write the QR code into a same name text file.

Do not choose too high camera resolution, the system can automatically obtain the resolution supported by the camera, but the highest resolution may be not necessarily able to support, which is the reason for the camera itself.

After the automatic cleaning is checked, the expired pictures or the early pictures that exceed the capacity under the monitoring picture storage folder will be deleted automatically and permanently. Please be careful not to put the important pictures under this folder in order to avoid data loss!!!. Cleaning out expired files is performed in a multi-threaded way in the background when the software is started. Only when the software is first started can the cleaning process be executed. If the software has not been shut down, the expired files will not be cleared until the software restarts.

Because ID card reader simulates keyboard input, the card-swiping photographic monitoring is also realized by monitoring keyboard input. Therefore, when swiping the card, do not enter the keyboard, so as not to interfere with the card-swiping number reading. In addition, when the main window of the software loses focus, the software will not be able to monitor the keyboard input. Therefore, we should pay attention not to let the software window lose focus. In the Options screen, there is a “Auto Focus ” check box. When the software loses focus, it will automatically restore focus.

Keyboard shortcut:

· CTRL+M Start Monitoring

· CTRL+K Stop Monitoring

· CTRL+P Photography

· CTRL+B Create Subfolder of Card-swipe Photography

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