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Photo Lucky Draw

Use guest photos to draw prizes at parties.

Photo Lucky Draw


Photo Lucky Draw is a tool software to find a winner by a fun and easy way. With Photo Lucky Draw software, you can quickly scroll through guest photos on the big screen. The order in which photos are displayed is random. When you click the draw button, the screen will immediately stop scrolling. And the person that is frozen is the winner of this lottery. Winner’s photo will not repeat unless you initialize the Photo Lucky Draw software. Be used with projector or LED large screen etc., you can create lucky draw on your party. Photo Lucky Draw is also supported to draw with name or number. And also supported to draw prizes with your mobile phone.

How to use

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1Download and install Photo Lucky Draw on your notebook computer.
  • Step 2: Collect all the guests’ photos before the party and copy them into a folder.
  • Step 3: Run Photo Lucky Draw , in it’s options screen you can import these photo files. If the photo files are large size, the software can compress them automatically. Then connect the projector to your notebook. If there is a mouse function of the laser pointer is even better.
  • Step4(Optional):You can use an android mobile phone to draw prizes. Photo Lucky Draw is a window software that runs on PC. But sometimes the host needs to invite guests to press the draw button. It is less convenient to use the PC’s mouse now, and it is more convenient to use a mobile phone to draw a prize. To do this you can download and install Photo Lucky Draw’s android version in an android mobile phone. It can remote control the draw button on your notebook computer. The android mobile phone and your notebook computer must connect to the same WIFI network. So that they can communicate with each other.
  • Step 5: Start the lucky draw. When the host clicked the start button the screen will randomly scroll guest’s photos. And when click on the Draw button, the winner will appear. It’s very simple, but also very fun.

User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the limit for the number of photos once we get the license?
    Answer: There is no limit to the number of photos once you get the license.
  • 2. If someone has won the first price, will they have a chance to win second prize or not? Obviously, we don’t want that.  Will they be excluded from the next draw?
    Answer: Yes, if someone has won the first price, he will be excluded from the next draw, no chance to win second prize.
  • 3.Size limit of each photo?
    The best photo size below 50K, and the software will automatically compress pictures.

Editor’s review on

The utility helps find a winner on a random basis, based on photographs.
Lucky draws are often conducted at parties to enliven the proceedings. It is usually done based on some token of its owner. This could be a visiting card, the car keys or any such items. This utility brings in the possibility of drawing a winner from a given set of photographs. The program selects a random one from the given list of photos. Besides the top winner, it can also select more prize winners as defined by the user. As long as the program is not initialized again, it will keep drawing winners leaving out the previous winner, of course. It will take the equivalent of a shake, rolling the photos of the participants. Then, when you click the draw button, you get the next winner.
To make the whole prize drawing process more interesting you could define your own background, music, photo folders, title and grade of prize etc. When used with a projector, the game becomes even more interesting, and a roomful of people can watch the proceeding and have fun. Besides the photo mode this tool can also support numbers and name modes. You have a choice of skins. Import of the name and numbers from an external text file is available. The interface is simple, and any party giver should be able to get up to speed with it very quickly. The display could be full screen too. The display is mainly the photograph; it can have an overlay of the name of the winner too. The product addresses a simple niche but works well.