Camera Auto Recognition QR code

Introduction to Functions This software uses a computer camera to monitor the existence of QR codes. If the QR codes are detected, the system will automatically take photos and save them in the specified folder with the specified name. Download       Buy now       ScreenShot At the same time, the system … Read more

Photo Lucky Draw – Use this software you can hold a raffle at your party!

The Photo Lucky Draw Software is fun and easy way to find a winner. It can roll the participants photos quickly and randomly, and when you click the Draw button; Winners will be drawn out. Winner’s photo will not repeat until initialization. You can customize the background image, music, photos folder, title and grade of prize etc. Be … Read more

Campus multimedia automatic playback system

The campus multimedia automatic play system provides computer automatic control for all primary and secondary schools throughout the country, and automatically completes a series of complex and complicated manual operations in school daily work. It is a good way to standardize the management of the school, reduce the manual operation, enhance the computer automation management … Read more

Small Library Management System

This software is suitable for the management of small libraries in schools or companies. It can be used for free. If you want to modify the software to be more suitable for you, you can buy the source code. This software is written in delphi2010. Download    Buy Source Code